Stenham Advisors Plc (‘SAP’) is an investment adviser and distributor of the SAM Inc funds of hedge funds, acting as its non-exclusive sales agent in the promotion of the Funds, operating out of its London offices. SAP has its own independent management team, investment advisory committee (‘IAC’) and business development team which report to the SAP Board of Directors.

SAP’s investment operation comprises an extensive research and operational due diligence team, focusing on both quantitative and qualitative analysis. SAP also has a dedicated, internationally focused business development team covering global markets including the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, the Caribbean, Europe, South Africa, Latin America, Japan, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

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Giulio Battaglia, Managing Director
Kevin Arenson, Chief Investment Officer
Russel Michel, Chairman (Guernsey)
Catherine Griggs, Managing Director (Guernsey)

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Kevin Arenson, Chief Investment Officer
Lynda Stoelker, Head of Investment Research
Tim Beck, Head of Credit and Event Driven Strategies
Akshay Krishnan, Head of Macro and Trading Strategies
Bruce Harington, Head of Long/Short Strategies
Michael Willar, Equity Research Analyst
Inasse Lyamlouli, Research Analyst
Francois BrautRisk Management and Quantitative Research Analyst
Nicola Sills,
Co-Head of Operational Due Diligence
Rishi Patel, Co-Head of Operational Due Diligence

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Jonathan Osrin, Relationship Manager - South Africa / Latin America
Evan Hurwitz, Relationship Manager - Mauritius / Africa