Our People

We have an experienced, dedicated and stable team, the key members of which have been together since 1997.


Business area

website_bio_template_0011_Giulio_Battaglia Giulio Battaglia Managing Director View profile
website_bio_template_001_Kevin_Arenson Kevin Arenson Chief Investment Officer View profile
website_bio_template_0006_Lynda_stoelker Lynda Stoelker Director View profile
website_bio_template_0002_Tim Beck Tim Beck Head of Credit and Event Driven Strategies View profile
website_bio_template_0015_Akshay_krishnan Akshay Krishnan Head of Macro and Trading Strategies View profile
bh Bruce Harington Head of Long/Short Strategies View profile
Media-website_bio_template_0005_Michael-Willar-370x255q85_V2 Michael Willar Equity Research Analyst View profile
website_bio_template_0010_Inasse_Lyamlouli Inasse Lyamlouli Research Analyst View profile
website_bio_template_0012_Francois_Braut Francois Braut Head of Risk Management and Quantitative Research View profile
Media-website_bio_template_0006_Nicolasills-370x255q85-1_V2 Nicola Sills Co-Head of Operational Due Diligence View profile
website_bio_template_0006_Rishipatel Rishi Patel Co-Head of Operational Due Diligence View profile
Media-website_bio_template_0006_MichaelF-370x255q85-1 Michael Fienberg Non-Executive Director View profile
website_bio_template_0006_Martin Sawyer Martin Sawyer Head of Client Service & I.T. Solutions View profile
Media-website_bio_template_0006_stanleychim-370x255q85_V2 Stanley Chim Head of Finance View profile
RM Russel Michel Chairman (Guernsey) View profile
CG Catherine Griggs Managing Director (Guernsey) View profile
EH Evan Hurwitz Director, Mauritius View profile